Honor the Drums
Building the future by honoring the past
Honor the Drums
On the Plains of South Dakota, bordered by the badlands, you will find the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. It is home to the Oglala Lakota. They are the forgotten first residents of the US. That title should be accompanied by a mantle of respect. Instead it carries a history of betrayal, misery, poverty and oppression. This historical trauma has led  to a generational cycle of poverty, addiction and untreated mental health issues. The loss of cultural identity in today's Native Youth has left them feeling alone and confused about where they fit in.  By reinforcing a strong sense of cultural identity, providing mental health services and offering new coping strategies, we can empower native youth to create a better future for everyone. 
Breaking the cycle
Our goal is to empower Native Youth and give them a voice in their own future. We know there are many issues including a cycle of poverty, abuse, and addiction, that contribute to the high number of native teens who attempt to end their lives, but a deeply rooted cultural identity can help inslulate children by creating a feeling of unity and strong self image. Art therapy has been scientifically proven to prevent suicide, teach new coping skills and impove overall mental wellbeing. By combining cultural education, spiritual support and art therapy, children can learn new ways to cope with the challenges they face, unify a community and create their own future success. 
Empowerment, Unity and Voice
Mission Statement
Personal Pledge
Future Vision
To contribute to the health and wellbeing of all Native Americans by inspiring love of culture, community, and self through art therapy, cultural education and traditional healing.
  Strive to treat all with dignity and respect, while promoting an atmosphere of inclusion, cultural diversity and acceptance.
A revitalization of the Oglala Lakota traditions and language so that future generations can embrace who they are and find strength in their culture, community and themselves.
Our Approach
We believe that a strong cultural identity is crucial for Native Youth so they can develop a sense of belonging that has long been denied. By combining history,  cultural education
and spiritual teaching, in the traditional way of storytelling and song. When combined with art, dance, music and writing, it acts as a catalyst to bring history and culture to life. This, combined with traditional talking circles, can allow kids and adults to regain a true sense of who they are, where they come from,  where they want to go, and what is keeping them from getting there.